What do we offer

As a truly development company we provide our customers with a coherent and complete service. We identify customer requirements, provide a solution and subsequently design, develop and certify a final product. Using computer aided design technology (CAD, IDEAS) we produce and provide our customers with a complete Technical Data Package (TDP) for a demonstrator, prototype and serial production. Along with the TDP, we secure the manufacture of any hardware designed under our development including the demonstrator and prototype. We plan, organize, execute and evaluate all tests and trials that come under the certification of any system we develop to make sure and prove that the system fully conforms with the technical and tactical requirements imposed by a customer.

KONSTRUKTA - Defence, a.s. has become an international player in the global marketplace. We have a deep technical understanding in variety of defense systems spread in reasonable quantities in Europe, Middle and Far East, and Africa. We recognize that there exists a real need in a number of countries to modernize existing systems that are now becoming obsolete after being in service for several decades. This need is expected to grow as national defense budgets continue to shrink. We are here to provide our expertise and produce highly efficient and cost effective solutions. In order to be in a position to serve also those customers who wish to modernize their "Eastern" systems to meet "Western" standards, KONSTRUKTA - Defence, a.s. quickly adopts and implements NATO standards and practices. ISO 9001:2000 / EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System has already been introduced in our company.