Rocket launcher RM-70 Modular

Is a modernization step, which extended the life of rocket launchers RM-70, respectively RM-70/85. Upgraded version RM-70 MODULAR enables the usage of original 122 mm calibre ammunition and usage of 227 mm NATO MLRS ammunition. Interchange ability of ammunition is realized by replaceable containers with rocket conveyers for either 28 rockets of 122 mm calibre or 6 MLRS rockets. Replacement of containers from the ammunition vehicle is performed by hydraulic arm mounted on the object.

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MORAK was an upgrade package designed for RM 70/85 Rocket Launcher to enhance its combat efficiency, safety and comfort of crew and enable efficient use of the latest extended range rockets. The upgrade package also provides for use of a national command and fire control system DELSYS. MORAK system was developing in two variants:

  • RM 70/85 M (an upgraded system that maintains the 122 mm system)
  • RM 70 MODULAR (an upgraded modular system that enables to use the original 122 mm ammunition as well as the NATO 227 mm MLRS ammunition)

The upgrade package consists of a navigation and positioning system (NPS), new onboard control system, fire control system (FCS), automatic diagnostics system, radio for automatic or automated data transfer to/from a superior command level and other ancillary equipment. The system operates under WINDOWS NT and enables integration of GPS. The upgrade package enables to decrease the number of the crew from 4 to 3. The launcher is operated from inside the cabin. In addition aiming and firing can be also done from an outside shelter using a remote control block.

The basic upgrade package is identical with the above RM 70/85 M variant. The major difference is in use of 227 mm MLRS system to increase the range and ensure NATO compatibility and future growth-potential of the original RM 70 system. Other parameters remained as on the original launcher.

Crew 3
Combat weight 23 400 kg with container of 122 mm ammo
22 580 kg with container of MLRS
Length 9,260 m
Height 2,655 m
Width 2,650 m
Chassis 8 x 8 special chassis Tatra
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Maximum range of fire 20 000 m with 122 mm ammunition
30 000 m s MLRS
Time to fire a salvo 18 s – 122 mm ammunition
120 s – MLRS