Self-propelled Explosive Mine Clearing Vehicle SVO A1

It is a self-propelled mine-clearing system creating a pass through the minefields and mine-clearing at distance from 250 m to 530 m. Object is designed as an armoured tracked vehicle based on BMP-1 with the special superstructure system.

  • The mine clearing is being performed by the sequential firing and hitting 24 projectiles onto a minefield, creating a mine-clearing path 100 m long and 5 m wide
  • The mine-clearing projectile is special kind super-calibre fin stabilized ammunition, the design of which enables to achieve the high firing accuracy and provides energetically sufficient blast wave impulse to neutralize the anti-tank and anti-personal mines during explosion
  • Aiming of weapon is equipped by TKN-3B Combined IR Sight and done by means of a direct sight and FCS (fire control system). The elevation of the weapon is set up by a servomechanism and the traverse by the moving of the whole vehicle
  • The NPS is used for measuring the SVO position in the field during the move and measuring the current position of the weapon against the horizontal plane and north direction

Crew 3
Overall combat weight 13 800 kg
Number of the launching sticks 24
Overall mine-clearing projectiles weight 1 020 kg
Calibre of the mine-clearing projectile 247 mm
Road speed limit 65 km per hour
Maximum floating speed 6 km per hour
Range of action 750 km
Maximum range of fire 530 m
Minimum range of fire 250 m
Pass width created through the minefield 5 m
Pass length created through the minefield 100 m
Rate of fire 1 shot /2.5 s
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