155 mm SpGH ZUZANA 2

It is characterized by:

  • High mobility
  • Protection of the crew against NBC weapons
  • Protection of the crew against small arms, as well as mounted weapons and ammunition fragments
  • Far – distant range of fire
  • Quick preparation of fire
  • Quick transition into and out of action
  • High accuracy of fire
  • Capability to carry out multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) missions

Electronic equipment, diagnostics and automation of operations during loading and firing rank this weapon among the most advanced weapon systems in the world.

  • The weapon is equipped with inertial navigation equipment and muzzle velocity radar and thermal weapon sight
  • On board FCS enables to operate with Digital Maps
  • The weapon is equipped with additional sight in order to increase the direct fire accuracy
  • Night vision, magnification, simple operation, function enabling to input corrections at transversal angle of inclination relative to the navigation system enable accurate and effective direct fire
  • Various communication equipments can be installed in accordance with the customer´s requirements
  • The crew compartments are air-conditioned and heated
  • The weapon has a 52 – calibre barrel which is designed in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding concerning “Standardization of Elements of 155 mm Howitzers and Ammunition”
  • The ammunition is stored in the conveyers which are capable to keep 40 projectiles and 40 powder charges. Beds in the conveyers are universal for all projectiles and powder charges introduced in the service (up to length 1000 mm). The ammunition is loaded in the barrel with the automatic equipment.
Number of crew 4
Combat weight 32 000 kg
Length 14.2 m
Height 3.52 m
Width 3.02 m
Chassis 8 x 8 special chassis TATRA
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Range of action 600 km
Climbing ability 60 %
Fording depth 1.4 m
Trench cross ability 2.0 m
Vertical step 0.6 m
Elevation - 3.5° / + 70°
Traverse ± 60°
Maximum range of fire 41 km (when using ERFB-BB shells)
Minimum range of fire 5 km
Rate of fire in automatic mode 6 rounds in the 1 minute
16 rounds in 3 minutes
Rate of fire in manual mode 2 rounds per minute