Weapons systems

KONŠTRUKTA – Defence, a.s. offers research and development of weapons systems, experience and skills:

  • In processing studies of technical feasibility
  • In processing of project solutions in various stages of development
  • In production of functional models and prototypes
  • For preparation of production documentation
  • For preparation of supporting documentation such as:
    • Technical conditions for production and acceptance of testing products
    • User manuals
    • Catalogues of spare parts
    • Training documentation
  • Implementation of development tests
    • shooting
    • non-shooting
      • serviceability
      • environmental
  • For configuration management
  • In usage of 3D CAD and CAE applications to solve design layout as well as strength analyses

Reference solutions:

Category Type Status
Howitzers 155 mm SpGH ZUZANA 2 Qualification tests
  155 mm SpGH ZUZANA 2000 Mass production
  152 mm SpGH ONDAVA Research closed with prototype
  152 mm SpGH DANA Series production closed
Mortar systems 81 mm mortar Mass production
  98 mm mortar Series production closed
  120 mm mortar PRAM/L Mass production
  120 mm mortar PRAM/S Mass production
Rocket launchers 122 mm RM-70 Modular Series production closed
Mine laying and mine clearing systems SVO A1 Series production interrupted