KONŠTRUKTA-Defence, a.s. is a medium size company that preserves history and traditions of Konštrukta Trenčín and nowadays offers to defence applications of the customers for the third millennium innovative design projection, expertise, respectability and integration of the state-of-the-art technologies into defence systems in the field of following areas:

  1. Research and development of weapon systems – artillery, mortar, rocket, sappier and aviation.
  2. Research and development of ammunition systems – high explosive, container, sub – caliber (APFSDS), sappier, aviation (bombs), mines and special purpose.
  3. Research and development of fire control systems for all arm versions.
  4. Research and development of simulators and simulating technology.
  5. Research and development of undercarriages and special super structures.
  6. Research and development of special weapons and anti – terrorist devices.
  7. Upgrade of the current machinery used by armies.
  8. Training of workers in the area of special engineering (research - production).

Our competence and capabilities have been proven over decades of work in the defense R&D business. Products developed, modernized or modified by KONŠTRUKTA are used and appreciated by customers in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

KONŠTRUKTA - Defence, a.s. have an experienced manpower. In human resources we emphasize education, motivation and career growth of our employees.  We cooperate with several educational organizations and universities. Within the cooperation we ensure pedagogic support of education at universities.

KONŠTRUKTA - Defence, a.s. has signed up a Collective agreement with trade unions of Trade-union KOVO performing in company, which provides for their employees better working conditions beyond as they are specified in the Labour Code.