Konštrukta Completed Deliveries for NATO AGS Project

Konštrukta-Defence, a.s., as a lead defence representative of the Slovak industry in the course of preparation and realization of AGS project delivered on contract base the last product – mobile communication component MGCC as a part of AGS ground segment to foreign customer on the 18th of January, 2017.

Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS)

AGS system will be used to provide ground surveillance of areas of interest through the interconnection of the Air and Ground segment. There are fifteen NATO countries involved in the project.

This surveillance system is designed to be the main instrument for the alliance troop protection on the areas of interest. The AGS system will be capable to detect and monitor moving objects, evaluate movement intensity, type of weapons and further information needed to operational management activities in areas of interest by combining capabilities of high-end unmanned air vehicles and ground sensors networks. The AGS system will provide both the radar and satellite images of observed areas and data transfer in real-time in combat and in this way increase the combat readiness and efficiency of the armed forces.

Konštrukta`s Share on AGS Project Realization

Konštrukta-Defence, a.s., has developed and delivered one of AGS ground segment part, so called Mobile General Communication Component (MGCC) for support of Mobile General Ground Station (MGGS) and Transportable General Ground Station (TGGS). The task of this unmanned mobile ground communication component is to receive process and distribute image, voice and data information in corresponding security level.

The main benefit of Konštrukta involvement into international NATO AGS program was to get experience in process management while preparing and designing documentation for development works, testing and products manufacturing in compliance with requirements based on international, European and NATO standards.

Editor: Ing. Vladimír Kohút, PM AGS
Dubnica nad Váhom, 1.2.2017,